eetti-Influencer Marketing | Blogging websites in India

The eetti is India’s first automated platform that content marketplace, brands and influencers. eetti offers transparent pricing and it’s real time campaign analytics for every piece of content. eetti is the famous blogging website and its help brands identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful video and social content. eetti have more than 10,000 influencers and to get hard ROI.

For Brands: eetti is the over 70% purchase decisions are influence by social media advocates. eetti, brands can run the influencer outreach campaigns for launches a product, join marketing and brand awareness. eetti enable brands to leverage targeted advocates in the form of influencers, loggers and micro-influencers.

For Influencers: Try to latest products of your favorite brands, and earn big. eetti endeavors to provide sufficient opportunities to them to make it happen. eetti is passionate about enabling influencers to monetize their content and blogging as serious and full time profession. eetti aim is to match right brands, influencers and we encourage influencers to create authentic content as per the needs of their audience.

Reasons for why every blogger must join eetti, Monetize their blogs and start earning

The Reason is now as on Indian blogger, you can make money without an offer, India and Asia’s leading platform that allows bloggers to earn and get paid in few simple steps.

  • You want to start earning, to register in eetti you don’t have to be a top blogger like Amit Agarwal, Miss Malini. eetti doesn’t judge you or your blog on any parameters, It’s free to register and clients do approve your application to write for them.
  • When you register eetti that moment you to start earning and its engage bloggers.
  • eetti makes earning easy, simple way and quick and it’s a influencer marketing platform.
  • Once you register on eetti you get several rewards and it’s just beginning there are more such activities to come while you earn from your blog on a regular basis.