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Login daily to find simple marketing tasks assigned to you. Tasks will be promoting a brand or website.

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Each task comes with a reward points. Once you complete, submit them for approval.

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Qualified submission earns you reward points. Reward points can then be redeemed. Monetize your daily activities.

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For business companies

Our marketing platform has handpicked marketers to promote any brands.It is applicable to any domains such as movies, political parties, brands, events, etc.

Movie Marketing

Are your movies doing badly in social media? Is that affecting your reputation and profits?

Brand Promotion

Is your brand page has suspicious less number of likes and reviews? Do you want a facelift?

eetti Advantages

  • 1. Social media marketing
  • 2. Brand promotion
  • 3. Reputation management
  • 4. Real reviews
  • 7. Instant impact
  • 8. Tangible results