eetti case studies

eetti digital marketing helps businesses achieve their goals through planned digital marketing campaigns. In this case study, we discover how business-to-business organizations and business-to-consumer organizations can use digital marketing and advertising strategies to generate leads, and how to develop their business.

Here we explained eetti successful strategy

Our clearly defined goals

Many of the fast growing companies need little marketing guidance for digital marketing, eetti clearly give the marketing strategy for your business and we first clearly define goals and achievements.

Short-Term, Long-Term and Multi-lingual lead generation

Short-Term: We use PPC Strategy and retargeting method for short term lead generation

Long- Term: A well customized SEO Plans, content strategy and improve keyword density for your website it is the long- Term lead generation method.

Multi-Lingual: It is depends on your targeted audience SEO and PPC can be performed in multiple languages to reach target audiences most effectively.

Use Competitive analysis and video visibility

Competitive analysis and increasing video visibility is the one of the best digital marketing tactics


eetti how to improve evescafe web traffic and conversion rates

Evescafe provide the natural skin care and beauty related cosmetology products


  • Need to promote multiple Evescafe Products
  • Want to increase evescafe youtube subscribers
  • Want to generate Long Term traffic and conversion
  • Want to increase Real users of Social media

Time Duration – 1 Month


Evescafe Product Promotion

Evescafe have lots of natural products for maintain beauty. We promote the products via traditional SEO and more growth hacking technics and tricks. And we collected the evescafe audience review regarding the products and shared multiple review posting websites.

Asking dermatologist Opinion and Rates

We are doing one campaign for evescafe products. Take the list of evescafe products and sample for dermatologist and asking opinion and rates. It is collected and published online.

Beauty parlor Contest

It is the cosmetology products so want to make the aware for beauticians and cosmetology store. So we conduct the competition for Beauty parlor. Beautician also suggest evescafe products for their client.

Evescafe youtube

We created evescafe youtube account and shared many DIY Video and their benefits. We increased youtube subscribers 100000 within one month via crowed marketing platform and Social media

Social Media

Social media is a huge component of our campaign in terms of diversity and creativity in use. At this point evescafe need Real users and Reach. eetti used their crowd marketing platform for connect with real users and creating attracting post via attract the this case our post and product reached many valuable users.

Facebook: We created facebook account and page and regularly maintained with posts and proper communication with audience and we shared the product review on the facebook.

Twitter: We created the twitter account and regularly maintain with posts and communication. And we increase the twitter followers it is promote the evescafe individual products worldwide.


By implementing the eetti strategy to improve evescafe website traffic and revenue. evescafe experienced 15 % revenue increased month-over-month, their ecommerce conversion rate also increased. Detailed analysis and recommendations, we were able to increase their revenue faster. eetti regularly track evescafe results and traffic.

eetti does it differently

This was an interesting. When we saw increased traffic and engagement on the website with falling conversion we analyzed thoroughly, we were able to give multiple recommendations and how to improve the search and traffic and increased by 15% every month. This will increase more ecommerce conversion Rate.

eetti innovative technology and tricks increased evescafe traffic and conversion.