Social Media Marketing Trends and Tips for Upcoming 2017

“Social media is an amazing tool, but it’s really the face-to-face interaction that makes a long-term impact” – Felicia Day

Social Media Marketing Trends will change every time, In this article explained Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017 and also how can we use Social media marketing for Small business, E-commerce, and other Businesses.

What is Social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing Trend

“Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions. For instance, Twitter is a social site designed to let people share short messages or “updates” with others.”

Everybody know social media have been with us for just some years back only but we have attached with social media always, its feel like forever.

When I first joined Facebook, I feel “wow how small is the world” I found many of the friends everywhere and I shared my lovable and sad moments with my friends easily, learn many things, easily get all updates and many connections. After a few months back I have connected with twitter, twitter also same activeness but something is different comparing Facebook. Now my smartphone is helping to access Facebook and twitter easily.

Now a day’s social media is more useful and easy way for marketing brands and Products easily, so many of businessman concentrate the social media marketing. Social media make the good impact for their business marketing and business growth.

Now the day social media and mobile were changed our life, both of these technologies impacting our work and Social lifestyle. So we want to know the today Social Media Marketing Trends and how can we use that for our business growth.

Here I mentioned Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends for Upcoming 2017

Social Media Marketing Trend

Social Media Marketing Trend #1: Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is one of the Social Media Marketing Trends for coming years. YouTube channel is very sensational , it is used to reach our video to everywhere. Last some years back mobile phones used to take video at a live movement. Now social media accepts live video streaming. The Social Media Marketing Trends are changing so our stories changing methods also need to change. Uploading live video streaming is more effective for personal and business related posts. It is used to engage more peoples.

Social Media Marketing Trend #2: Changing our conversations using Chabot’s

Chat bots are connecting our customers, it is working on a conversational agent. Facebook Chatbot application is used to gain popularity and provide a new tool for marketers. In April 2016 Mark announced that 3rd parties could use the messenger platform for creating their own chatbot. Now that chatbot popularity is grown around the world, it is made the real-time engagement. This chatbot can help to connect a strong relationship with your customers and potential crowds.

Social Media Marketing Trend #3: Social Media Slideshow ads

Now Facebook made some new improvements to their slideshow ads, Click here

Social media slideshow ads are one of the most expected social media trends for coming year. Making Social media slideshow ads is very easy when we share this ad in Social networking sites it’s attracting viewers and make more engagement .Social slideshows are anything but difficult to make and can use images, videos, or both. Publicists can even pay to play for these children prompting to all the more, considerably more, presentation and cooperation. So whether you’re flaunting your new winter ski attire or showing recordings advancing you are up and coming gathering, slideshows are an extraordinary approach to help your social group of onlookers cooperates with your image significantly.

Social Media Marketing Trend #4: Expiring Social Media Content

Expiring social media content is a social media trend you may need to try and test your digital marketing campaign.

Pulling in consideration online is a fight between brands with huge spending plans and wise advertisers with little money however who know how to hack business development with innovation.

What is the result? We received many noise and clutter. The test is standing out and making attention. Typical advertising strategies don’t work like they used to.

Be that as it may, snap chat settled on an alternate strategy.

Make content expires.

This conveyed desperation to the substance table. Guests now realized that they had restricted time to peruse or see content before it vanished.
This incorporated the viewing of 10-second recordings that are followed one view and after that, it reached out to Snapchat stories. These keep going for 24 hours.

So Instagram saw the future and just “duplicated” SnapChat Stories and brought its own “Instagram Stories” to its stage.

Expiring content is now part of the develop social media landscape. It’s trending and the reject of Facebook by Snapchat when they were offered a $3 billion buyout seems to have become personal.

Social Media Marketing Trend#5: Instagram Stories

Instagram now recently add, adding the story feature at the top of the feed. We using this new Instagram features for advertising new business opportunities. If you want to know about more Instagram features Read Instagram Business blog . We can use Instagram for our business marketing.

Social Media Marketing Trend #6: Something harder to get Social media Organic traffic

Achieving social media organic traffic is harder but if we get Social media organic traffic, likes on Facebook, followers on twitter then we no need to pay the newspapers and media ads.

Social media also now becoming a paid media, we can use Facebook paid ads for growing our business.

Social Media Marketing Trend #7: The Rise of the Social influencers

Bloggers created content on several niche topics, they also built the worthy followers and Facebook, twitter and Instagram. They built the authentic content.

As the traffic increases online and achieving your target audience gets harder due to content clutter the influencer and thought pioneers who have constructed achieve all inclusive are the new specialty guardians.
Brands are currently paying to achieve their admirers and lovers.

Social Media Marketing Tips and Social Media Marketing Strategy

Here I mentioned Social media marketing tips and Social Media Marketing strategy

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence” – Sean Gardner

10 Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tips #1: Analyze past content to improve posts

Most Businesses analyze the effectiveness of their Social media posts after they publish, now many social media tools available on online

Social Media Marketing Tips #2: Use Visual Content with Links

Always use Visual content with links for Social media posts, it is very useful and easily viral.

Social Media Marketing Tips #3: Use Hashtags

Using Hashtags in Right way of Social Media Promotion, If you want to successful with your social media plan, don’t use random acts of hashtagging

Social Media Marketing Tips #4: Turned into a Resource on Facebook

In the course of the most recent year, Facebook has been gradually rolling out calculation improvements that have constrained the quantity of individuals who see a page’s Facebook post. Pages can utilize these calculation changes further bolstering their good fortune by thinking about their page as a client asset, as opposed to a special apparatus.
Build a page your clients would appreciate and after that utilization that stage to joy them. Convey posts that teach, engage, move and educate to come to a wide Facebook gathering of people.

Social Media Marketing Tips #5: Do a Social Media Audit

Before making a New Social Media profile, run a Social Media Audit of your present Social Media presence. Social media audits are valuable to keep all your Social Media ducks in succession, for example, social profiles and passwords. To help you direct one, social media audit template format to kick you off.

Social Media Marketing Tips #6: Increase your website traffic using Social media

Each business has a website, yet not each business gets the wanted measure of movement to their Website. Utilizing Social Media to traffic to your website ranges from the essential strategies everybody ought to use, to more refined techniques that set aside somewhat more opportunity to Master.

Social Media Marketing Tips #7: Avoid social media marketing strategy mistakes at all cost

Recognizing what to incorporate into your social media marketing strategy procedure is vital to your web-based Social Media achievement. However, do you know what not to do via social media? There are numerous normal Social Media tactics that can harm to your Social Media presence and this blog entry addresses the Social Media botches you ought to put on your ‘what to maintain a strategic distance from rundown.

Social Media Marketing Tips #8: Increase your social media reach with social media advertising

Utilizing social media advertising to extend your social media reach that any business ought to take. Putting resources into social media advertisements ought to be a vital piece of your social media procedure. In any case, knowing how to utilize social media promotions adequately is something everybody ought to set aside the opportunity to learn before putting a strong spending plan into publicizing. This current novice’s manual for social media advertising will give you understanding into the diverse promoting openings accessible on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon.

Social Media Marketing Tips #9: Target your Audience

Social media statistics Allows advertisers who utilize social media for business to control their social media strategies. With such a variety of studies being done via social media, it would be a disgrace not to exploit these exceptionally enlightening numbers. This blog entry assembles a sound choice of Social media statistics that each social media manager ought to know.

Social Media Marketing Tips #10: Must include social media engagement for your social media Marketing strategy

Holding back out via social media engagement in your social media Marketing strategy can represent an enormous risk to your organization’s social media presence. The 3 stages of doing social media engagement right are being proactive, continually tuning in, and being locks in. Take in more in this blog post.

Facebook Marketing Tips

Below you can see most useful Facebook marketing tips

1.Share your Facebook posts at Non-peak times
2.Post your post Frequently
3.Engage your audience using asking questions or competition
4.Always share your post image with link
5. Use Facebook marketing tools for save your time and track your result

Twitter Marketing Tips

Use below twitter marketing tips for improving your results

1.Tweet with the Proper format
2.Use a right hashtags
3.Add an image with links
4.Reply to the right Audience
5.Retweet and favorite you liked another post

Social Media Marketing Tools

1.Agora Pulse

Agorapulse is one of the Facebook marketing tools it is used to analyze twitter also. This dashboard shows the overview of all activity on your page and scheduled post.

2.EdgeRank Checker

EdgeRank Checker is the Facebook Marketing tool it is used to analyze complete overview of Facebook with some really neat chart and graphs for some free scores and some advanced paid plan

3. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is Facebook and Twitter marketing tool and overall social media management tool, it is an offer to analyze every platform available at the moment. Hootsuite offers solutions for engaging followers, publishing content, analytics reports, follower insights, and advertising.



The buffer is easy to use a platform, it manages all your social media pages at the same place. While it may not include the usefulness of the past two passages in this round-up, Buffer is general much more straightforward to utilize stage. It’s a strong instrument for little endeavors that would profit by a far-reaching Facebook Marketing tool.

5.Post Planner

Post Planner is a service that helps users find the most engaging content for their particular fields, and helps them plan it for the ideal time – augmenting the quantity of individuals that will be presented to it on Facebook.

Impress Your Potential Customer With Well-Designed Logo and Brochures

If you have the better logo and brochure design that time only you have to place your business in your potential customer’s mind. Your website is the early impression any potential customers will have of your store make the most of your initial impression. You can understand that your website is the most vital look into your business, and your main logo and brochure design services will help you to impress your potential customers by giving an expert and unique online presence.

Logo Design

Logo design is surrounding us to the overall population, logos serve as a moment indication of an organization or a product to the customer, they’re the purpose of acknowledgment on which their marking hangs and to us designers, they speak to the test of consolidating their customers’ ideologies into one single realistic.

No big surprise, then, that logo design highlights so conspicuously in their lives. During a time where everybody must have a website to support their product, benefit or the organization behind it, the interest for a top-class logo has never been higher.

A viable logo is particular, suitable, practical, realistic, simple in shape and passes on an expected message. In its easiest shape, a logo is there to recognize however to do this adequately it must take after the fundamental principles of logo design:

A logo must be best and simple

A simple logo considers simple acknowledgment and permits the logo to be adaptable and memorable. The best effective logos include unexpected and unique without being overdrawn.

A logo must be memorable in your potential customer mind

Taking after closely behind the guideline of simplicity is that of memorability to your potential customers. A compelling logo ought to be significant and this is accomplished by having a straightforward yet suitable logo.

A logo must be enduring

A successful logo ought to endure the trial of time. The logo ought to be future verification, and that implying it ought to in any case be effective in 10, 20, 50+ years time.

A logo must be variable

A powerful logo ought to have the capacity to work over an assortment of mediums and applications.

A logo must be appropriate

Your business logo must be in appropriate like how you position the logo ought to be proper for its planned reason that helps to your potential customers.

Why Logo Design Is Important For Your Business

The logo is only a graphic sign, yet plays out a significant part in order to get a unique identity of your business. There are bunches of organizations over the web which offer identical sort of services, however, separate from each other. It additionally helps customers recognize your services and products through the logo. Each business owners needs to possess an elite logo for the perfect representation. Along these lines, it is basic to get the absolute best logo design services from a respectable organization.

  • Logo contacts a lot of customers visually.
  • The best logo design helps in enhancing customer’s trust.
  • The best logo design has the everlasting effect on potential customers.
  • Logos are planned to be the “face” of a brand/organization.
  • The logo is graphical presentations of an organization’s unique character.
  • Logo fabricates customers reliability.
  • Logo is the main capable advertising tool for any business.

Brochure Design

An exceedingly powerful brochure unmistakably and compactly points of interest what your business is about and what you can accomplish for your customers. Then again, an inadequately composed brochure will just pursue away potential customers to the inviting arms of your competitors.

Your brochure will talk about your brand and about your best product. Subsequently, it is vital to design the brochure, which contains all the required data as well as present it in a way that inspires the forthcoming customers. A brochure design is not the same as website design or graphic design, a most of the designers needs to approach it differently.

Brochure design is a critical piece of brand advertising and offering your product or business solution for your customers.

Why Your Businesses Needs a Brochure?

The brochure is an unquestionable requirement have the thing for your business promotion. When you are prepared with your own particular setup, you ought to next have a perfect promotional guide. A legitimate informative brochure itself is your limited time direct.

There is various print and media product that can be utilized effectively to advance an association, business, occasion, product, and services. Before investing gigantic cash or energy you need to consider the qualities of your audience and choose which technique will be generally engaging. All things considered, a handout is an expert, powerful and advantageous approach to give information to your target audience.

Brochure on Your Business Purpose

Why you suggest the best brochure for your business reason too. Here a few sorts that brochure for you.

Leave Behinds

This sort of brochure is named for the brochures you abandon in the wake of meeting potential customers. You can summarize your attempt to make the deal to reverberate the one you just gave. Keep your words everlastingly in their mind or if nothing else sufficiently long to motivate them to purchase your product.

React to Inquiries

At the point when individuals get some information about your item, they’re clearly interested. Sending this sort of brochure is for a qualified purchaser. They’re qualified in light of the fact that they’re a great deal more inclined to purchase than somebody who hasn’t reached you.

Standard mail

This is the sort of brochure you incorporate with your post office based mail package. The brochure utilized with regular postal mail contains photographs, your product’s business focuses and even specialized components.

eetti Provide a Professional Logo And Brochure Design Services For Your Business Success

eetti Digital Marketing Company is one of the main Digital Marketer in over the world. They measurable study promoting your business through Digital Marketing Services, you will show signs of improvement result. eetti Digital Marketing organization offers logo and brochure design administrations for your successful business.

Logo Design services is not a simple work, yet rather is an uncommon obligation conveyed by specialists for goals like a brand affirmation and business achievement.

The eetti represented to by extremely innovative identities for giving an association its own specific excellent character. The eetti Digital Marketing give the best Service providers they have mastery in logo Design and Brochure Design. Their entire mission is to make your business look great. That infers giving you exceptionally make that is quick, moderate, and bother free.

eetti Provide a More Types of Logo Designing Such Us,

  • Iconic Logo Design
  • Emblematic Logo Design
  • Textual Logo Design
  • Conceptual Logo Design
  • 3D Logo Design

Brochure design has been our most essential quality. eetti Brochure design services who have an eye for making ostensibly stunning interfaces. They assume that the time spent at the ‘planing stage’ helps in keeping up basic outlines through the arranged technique. As an inventive organization, their experience has trained the importance of consolidating every last detail and never to disregard them.

eetti have Professional Brochure designers they plan the first class brochures which one is appropriate for your business. It is exceptionally helpful for your promoting, eetti to give imaginative Brochure designs.

Why You Pick eetti For Brochure Designing?

  • They convey samples inside 2 days
  • They will give creative Brochure design in Reasonable Price
  • They offer free alteration
  • Your security will Protected
  • They provide 100% guarantee for satisfaction

The eetti Professional Logo And Brochure Design Services Can Enable You To …

It helps to Beat your competitors

There are a few brands that give same products, with which your business is managing. Along these lines, they realize that each customer likes to surpass their business. The enormous organizations are maybe attempting to beat you and lessen your ROI with their reasonable logo and brochure design, you may get a solid apparatus to make your website eye-getting. eetti make proficient business logo design benefits in a manner that it might take just a few moments to get people in public’s attention. Their inventive and considered logo may work brilliantly for the brand.

It creates the strongest effect on customer’ s mind

eetti provide best logos that distinguish your brand’s character. Their new logos will be such a picture, to the point that may effectively to your customer’s brain, at whatever point they review your organization name.

Enjoy an appealing marketing plan

eetti logos additionally offer lots of promoting points of interest. In this manner, while you jump at the chance to spread out the mission of your association, it is impossible with muddled sections or extensive content. In this way, take the assistance of eetti new business Logo design and Brochure design services. Each logo is applicable and scaled to meet your each objective.

eetti provide to make your business more reliable

Your business maybe had not been made a very long while prior. Nonetheless, inside their well planned Logo and Brochure Design, you will without a doubt get focused on guests inside brief period. The idea they apply is that they need to develop the dependability and realness of your business with good-looking Logo and Brochure.

Introduce your business

They have made their logo and brochure design services or packages in such a way, to the point that our answer may help you to delineate your business classification.

eetti are prepared to Design till you are satisfied in light of the fact that they give best well-known Logo and Brochure Design services that really helps to give your business in the best position in the world.